Authur Shawcross is best known as the Genesee Killer in Rochester New york. In his early year his mother who was a strict parent, performed oral sex on him as young as 4. She would continue off and on till he was about 9. Sometimes sticking foreign objects in his anal cavity. As he got older He began to molest his sister as his mother had molested him and after confessing to his mother that he loved his sister more then a sister brother relationship she pulled out a butcher knife and grab his penis and told him ” Now you behave or Ill cut it off.” His first murder when he was an adult was a 10 year old boy took him out to the woods, raped and murdered him. Next a 8 yr old little girl. he was caught and charged sentenced to 25 yrs in Jail serving only 14 and a half he was released. Between 1988 and 1990 he murdered 12 sex trade workers. In January of 1990 he was caught and arrested, charged once again for murder. He confessed to eating his victims especially their genitals,  and decapitating his victims and placing their heads on polls. but says he never tortured his victims before their death. He was found Guilty of 10 counts of second degree murder sentenced to 250 yrs in prison. In November 10th of 2008 he went to the prison doctor complaining of leg pains and later went into cardiac arrest and died. Another truly evil man 

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